About Dreaming in Color

My name is Mary.  I am twenty-nine. I live in the suburbs in Minnesota with my tall nerd husband and my three lame cats. We also have a one year old gremlin child named Ronan.

I work at a psychiatric hospital for kids and teens, and I’m finishing up my masters in professional counseling psychology. I draw a lot, read a lot, play a lot of video games, and eat too many sweets.

I am addicted to my creative outlets of drawing and writing, with a little bit of webdesign thrown in.  I put together my own site years ago, and am currently at maryvanalstine.com, which was a new domain name after I got married in January and changed my name! Eee!

This is my blog.  Originally hosted as an internal page on a really old website years ago, I rambled for months – if not years – about my artistic endeavors, just sort of jotting down my thoughts about where I was creatively. I’ve kept up the momentum well into adulthood, and I love it.

Dreaming in Color has been around for nine years! I started keeping it when I was knee-deep in my first novel project, and I’ve gone through so many phases since then.  So much art! So many rambles! So much profanity! I just love it.

View my latest entries and be sure to stop and say hi!

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