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Don’t Break My Heart


While I am highly attached to my precious Le Blog Art, I have been craving a comment system for so long that I finally decided to see what WordPress had to offer on the blogging front.

I had started a WordPress blog for my mom on The Paper Stars foreeeeeeeever ago, and for some reason that took like five hundred hours to get set up…well, this one took five minutes. o.o;

I…don’t know what I did wrong that last time, but I…um…much prefer this one.  I’m going to see how much I can doctor the layout to complement oms’ main layout, but then I might set up an archives that includes all of Le Blog Art’s posts, and then switch permanently to this one by changing the link on oms from leblogart to this.


I feel as though this is progress.  And progress is change…in a positive direction. (:

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