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I was just thinking about this yesterday, while I was working on some pages of Redefining Evil (the manga) because I spontaneously felt so inclined, and then Der-shing put it so nicely on his latest page of The Meek:

Comics are, to me, the greatest art form because there are so many elements to master. A person who creates a full comic must at the very least; be a great planner, a great storyteller, have an eye for layout, know how to pencil, ink and color in a way that tells their own story, and of course, they have to know how to write. Becoming more than simply “proficient” at all of these components can easily take a lifetime to learn.

Now, I’m glad he added that “lifetime to learn” part, otherwise I’d feel like a real boob for putting one of the pages I’ve been working on after that as if somehow I’ve mastered it. xD I HAVEN’T and sometimes it feels like I’ll never get to a point where I’m satisfied. But that’s stopped me for long enough, and I just have to keep learning.

I’m doing the scene where Mihai/Lucas dies and this page is right before it where you see how Danyil hangs on Mihai’s opinion.


I hate Mihai’s expression at the bottom and yet I don’t because it’s perfect. xD
I’m tempted to scan the page where he gets shot because I think artistically speaking it looks pretty stellar…but the content is really throwing me off. xD

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