A few hours after posting this to my Tumblr account, and it’s got over 50 likes and/or reblogs (the equivalent of a “favorite” or a “like” on DeviantART or Facebook). I mean, yes, it took me a long time — capturing each image through screenshots from the digital player of “Much Ado About Nothing” (starring David Tennant of “Doctor Who” fame and Catherine Tate, a relatively prominent British commedienne) and then making sure they all matched up & flowed smoothly (at one point I was working with over 60 individual frames and made a longer version, which was too much for…all of my uploading services to handle. What a learning process.)
Anyway, my point — this is why it’s so difficult to do your own art. I upload a picture of my own characters or a short story I wrote and get little to no attention. Who does? You’ve kind of got to be generic to get noticed. Generic. What a terrible word for an artist.

I mean, it’s also cool to get even a tiny bit of attention from any online community for something I put effort into. That’s indisputable. It’s just a little sad the way things work: us little guys have got to piggy-back on the fame of the big guys to some extent in order to stand any chance of becoming a larger person.

Oy. That’s a little depressing. D: But anyway, I’m still alive! Aside from nonsense like this GIF, I haven’t been up to a whole lot creatively. When I was waiting for “Much Ado About Nothing” to download (SIX BLOODY HOURS) I opened “Redefining Evil” and started putsing with it a little bit. That was a little refreshing…it’s an all right story, and I’ve missed it terribly.

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