deep blue depths


I just thought I’d celebrate my first painting since like October (okay, I’ve done two…three counting a Christmas present) with a post of its own. I finally had some calm free time this week before going back to school, so I sat down and decided to at long last mess around with my typewriter. I had conveniently kidnapped a gluestick from school to do some projects with, so I was able to chop up some typewriter bits and paste them onto my paper. It pretty much worked as well if not better than I expected, except ripping off some letters was a bit frustrating – but the effect of writing over missing letters was kind of neat, especially on a word like “reclaim.” DEEP

I have finally figured out to control how ink dries on paper. If I let it sit over another pool of color for a bit, AND THEN dab it off, then it leaves a fabulous ring of deep color and then lifts off the color that was underneath it, resulting in these lively layers. The purplish area right underneath the text is just gorgeous to me. And the green that I added just made the whole painting look like a pond in springtime dappled with algae, so crystalline and fresh.

Here’s a wallpaper size of it where you can also see more details.

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