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Dark Princes

Man, I had epic dreams last night. They included, but are not limited to, my involvement in a sort of large, fancy youth establishment where we were watching fireworks that bubbled up like they were underwater directly off our balcony, and, more importantly, this other one with my friend Ana and my old design teacher.
But, in that one, it was weird because of the side I was on. There was some sort of battle going on, and by that I mean a modern one with cars and big buildings and whatnot. There were many hallways and collections of people – which I was trying to avoid. You see, I think I was on “the bad side.” But I wasn’t alone! I was being guarded and guided by some Spirited Away Haku-esque character who held my hands and quietly led me (that was THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE DREAM. I had these movie sort of shots of our hands entwined and he was so gentle). There were lots of small conflicts, and places where I wasn’t really in a battle anymore when my design teacher stopped to offer me some firm advice, and I wasn’t always with this guy, but in the end, after I briefly woke up and drifted off back into the dream, he was being arrested. Yeah. Weird. And he gave me this super tragic look. Then I really woke up.

But that struck a strange thought in me – what about the hearts of the “bad guys”? That’s not really a new thought for me (consider Fyodor from FF). But this dream gave me a new angle. And since I’m trying to come up with short story ideas, well, this character who was in my dream would potentially make for a very interesting lead.

Anyway, I’m working on replacing that poor picture of Andrew, Micah and Danny where they all look extremely gay and Micah has pink hair. I’ve been wanting to since school got out, but yesterday I had a random burst of inspiration and produced the lineart for a poster. Then I was working on lining the background and I botched it up. So I’m getting innovative. So Margaret will get to see a brand new piece tomorrow! 😀
And I hope she braces herself for how much I might blabber about all the history of Redefining Evil, now that SHE’S READ THE WHOLE THING. Ahaha. <3

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  1. Haha, and here I thought I wasn’t going to be in this post. 🙂 You have been in my dreams for the past two nights! In the first one you BROKE MY FISH TANK by like, punching it, I think, and we were trying to get Kevin to give us a ride to the kickball game in Herb (pimp van) but he was giving like 6 other people rides, so I got mad at him. And grr now I can’t remember the one from last night and it was even cooler. Dangit.
    It’s okay about the blabbering because I’m vaguely interested. I was gonna try to remember some questions I had about earlier versions anyway.

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