Emotional Breakdowns

it’s like switching my major, but…

okay so ever since i found Hello Giggles because of zooey deschanel, i’ve been wandering into these snarky feminist blogs like Filleosophy and my latest, Why Do I Have a Blog, i’ve been feeling so connected to these women that i wonder if i should allow myself to change the focus of this art blog and open up my topics to more of whatever i feel like as opposed to sticking to art or writing.

i’m at school after a long day and a lot of lectures, so my brain is a little too fried to actually demonstrate what i would want to do for this, but it’s an idea that’s starting to stir.

that’s sort of why i had this blog entry before this one — i wanted to see how i’d sound talking about just life. i liked it, and now, before life drawing, i’m going to go keep reading words by girls who do just that, and make me chuckle under my breath in very public places.

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