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ohai, ~19,000 words

So, I didn’t reeeeeeeeeeally anticipate this …Whispered the River novelization to take off quite this much. I’ve got a volume and a half of the manga all scanned in, which has helped me stay on track and also flip back and forth through the story to keep everything nicely knit together (which was the manga’s major problem.) I’m trying to keep a certain amount of the humor from the manga, and it’s sort of easy with a cast that includes 4 teenagers and a really flamboyant king. I’m really falling in love with these characters in a way I wasn’t quite able to with the manga, and they’re all possibly more distinctive than any of my other casts. The system of magic is so straightforward and lends itself to a lot of vivid imagery and richness.

Okay I’ll stop tooting my own horn, but I’m so glad I’ve got this to pour my energy into with how stressful everything will be for the next few weeks.

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