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Words, words, words.

I wish there were an add-on I could use that would help me log what I’m reading, because that would be fun and it would make me feel like a bum whenever I wasn’t reading something, which would then encourage me to read more.

Anyway, yesterday my parents and I took a trip to Barnes and Noble for the sake of browsing, which is rarer than it should be. After seeing clips for the upcoming movie-based-on-a-novel (my dad’s the one who thought it would have been based on a book…he’s got writer’s intuition or something…), Charlie St. Cloud, I wanted to read it (written by Ben Sherwood). So I found the single copy on the shelf and snatched it up (unfortunately it’s the movie cover already D: But that does mean I get to stare at Zac Efron whenever I pick the book up. Mmmmmm). Then I found a new Diana Wynne Jones novel thanks to skilled browsing on my part. Then I saw The Book Thief, which had been recommended to me by coworkers while I was still at Barnes and Noble, and decided it was time for me to read it.

So I came home with three books, and started reading the DWJ one simultaneously with Charlie St. Cloud. The DWJ is called Enchanted Glass and stars a little boy along with a character in his thirties who taught as a professor and did magic named Andrew…which is…weird, because in The Catcher, Bakura’s name is Andrew, he’s in his thirties, went to school to be a teacher, and does magic. xD I feel like a dirty good-intentions plagiarist.

Anyway, Charlie St. Cloud is very strange, but I’m probably three quarters of the way through it already, because it’s one of those paperbacks that’s written so fluidly that you just sort of tear into it even if you’re not acutely interested in it. The author, Ben Sherwood, went to Harvard College (not the same as the famous Harvard? O.o) but also Oxford University, which to me, is pretty ba. xD

Other than that, I’m tired, don’t want to go to work, and don’t know what project to commit myself to. What else is new? xD

2 thoughts on “Words, words, words.”

  1. why, all of a sudden, do you update your blog 3,000 times a day? not that i’m complaining. i think you should commit yourself to the catcher while you’re waiting for me to read re. just my two cents.
    ps i can see myself becoming a comment whore. just to warn you.

  2. You have no idea how much easier it is to update this than it was to update leblogart.
    That, and I updated it a ton during the summer before. You just weren’t following me as closely as you do now.
    And I am okay with you being a comment whore, so long as you’re a sweet one.

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