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I think it’s that I’m sort of, somewhat, kind of approaching the huge pivotal flashback in the new manga version of Redefining Evil, but I got on this kick with that period of the lives of the characters. I crapped out three sketches tonight that have just really endeared me. Oh. Well, the first one was inspired by Losing It With Jillian last night – the family’s Native American nation was going on this walk of victory together and this girl was on her dad’s shoulders, and snatched this water bottle out of his hands like “I want it!” and the dad goes “Okay, but don’t spill it on me!” and that mental image amused me, and I thought of Danyil and his dad Mihai. xD
would you like some epic with that fail?

Then I was thinking that I changed Danyil’s age from the age he was in the original manga flashback and the novel, and I wasn’t quite sure what he’d look like at 14 as opposed to 11, so I did some images and ended up drawing out a scene Danyil mentions late in Redefining Evil. And then I did a light coloring in PSP, and then stole some textures from Aethereality, and well it sort of looks pretty spiffy now. xD

"I WANNA TOUCH IT" "noooooooooo"
“I WANNA TOUCH IT” “noooooooooo”

Ahahaha. If Danyil had just dropped that jellyfish ker-PLOP onto Lacy’s head. That’d have been epic. There’d have been no need for the later conflict because he’d have been stoned by Julian right then for attacking a two-year-old with a Cnidaria. Aaahahahahahaha.

Finally I was thinking about what it would have been like with Danyil and Ingrid growing up together, because for as important as their relationship is in RE, I just never mentioned much about their childhoods. It might be because their age gap would be more significant when they were kids than when they’re older, or because I just didn’t start with my end product, but…anyway, this turned out to be sort of a cute interaction between Mihai and his kids – Danny, Ingrid and Alexander. xD Although Mihai’s way too short, but his body structure is right. Weird combination.

The end! xD
So funny the way inspiration drops like a brick onto my head. Only less painful. And more pleasurable.

I’m going to go study the Bible now.


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