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Checking in

Well, Rend Me, The Wayward Knight is out in the world! It’s been, as expected, a much quieter release than Deny Me but I’m comfortable with that because I know the people who read Rend Me are ones who really wanted to come back for Andrew and Micah, and that’s kind of been the point the whole time.

I’ve been kind of wandering about a bit with art these last few weeks so I decided to do something simpler: a Micah picture unattached from Heartwood. It turned out REALLY gay AHAH and as soon as I did the pose I knew it was going to be a reprise of spilled sugar…which I didn’t realize till pulling it up that that one was a decade ago already.

HOW do I have Still-Adult pictures of Micah that are A DECADE OLD NOW? what the FU

Anyway I think Micah looks scrumptious in this and I think it’s partly due to the glasses hahaha.

It’s kind of funny because it DEFINITELY makes this old picture of him look like a fucking hobo but that KIND OF IS the phase I was going through after college hahaha. I blame hipsters.

I don’t remember why I did this one, I think it was promo for Book 2 ahah. Moody Micah.

Wanted to print an Ingrid sticker and she turned out SUHEXKSY

less so

This is how we explained my gender to Ronan and it’s been living in my head, so I turned it into a sticker design, and Ryan didn’t like the version I made without a goblin SO HERE WE ARE IT’S SO CUTE

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