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new year energy

The last time I felt this positively about the new year was in 2020 which turned out to be the worst year in American history in my lifetime. So at the risk of jinxing it, it feels like Team Glasses has put a lot of bad shit and stress behind us and we’re enjoying our hard times paying off.

Without further ado, some art!

I absolutely adore how this turned out, from Ingrid’s crushed velvet to the silliness of the pile of champagne bottles to Chami’s sparkles to how pretty the champagne looks. Feels like a triumph.

Vic and my dad have gryphonWIP which rounded out at 88k now so that’s depressing because I don’t have anything to do except edit Promise Me and I don’t wanna do that haha.

Nico and his baby sister have very Myoku/Shani vibes and might be their spiritual successors especially since Nico is like a cousin/spiritual successor to Micah even if I was able to uncleave Alister from being Andrew, Nico still feels stuck.




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