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Checking in

Well, Rend Me, The Wayward Knight is out in the world! It’s been, as expected, a much quieter release than Deny Me but I’m comfortable with that because I know the people who read Rend Me are ones who really wanted to come back for Andrew and Micah, and that’s kind of been the point the whole time.

I’ve been kind of wandering about a bit with art these last few weeks so I decided to do something simpler: a Micah picture unattached from Heartwood. It turned out REALLY gay AHAH and as soon as I did the pose I knew it was going to be a reprise of spilled sugar…which I didn’t realize till pulling it up that that one was a decade ago already.

HOW do I have Still-Adult pictures of Micah that are A DECADE OLD NOW? what the FU

Anyway I think Micah looks scrumptious in this and I think it’s partly due to the glasses hahaha.

It’s kind of funny because it DEFINITELY makes this old picture of him look like a fucking hobo but that KIND OF IS the phase I was going through after college hahaha. I blame hipsters.

I don’t remember why I did this one, I think it was promo for Book 2 ahah. Moody Micah.

Wanted to print an Ingrid sticker and she turned out SUHEXKSY

less so

This is how we explained my gender to Ronan and it’s been living in my head, so I turned it into a sticker design, and Ryan didn’t like the version I made without a goblin SO HERE WE ARE IT’S SO CUTE

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new year energy

The last time I felt this positively about the new year was in 2020 which turned out to be the worst year in American history in my lifetime. So at the risk of jinxing it, it feels like Team Glasses has put a lot of bad shit and stress behind us and we’re enjoying our hard times paying off.

Without further ado, some art!

I absolutely adore how this turned out, from Ingrid’s crushed velvet to the silliness of the pile of champagne bottles to Chami’s sparkles to how pretty the champagne looks. Feels like a triumph.

Vic and my dad have gryphonWIP which rounded out at 88k now so that’s depressing because I don’t have anything to do except edit Promise Me and I don’t wanna do that haha.

Nico and his baby sister have very Myoku/Shani vibes and might be their spiritual successors especially since Nico is like a cousin/spiritual successor to Micah even if I was able to uncleave Alister from being Andrew, Nico still feels stuck.




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holidays 2023

Kind of like with the Emotia drawings, I’m going to start this as a Christmas master post.

I think I’m going to add a few finishing touches for this but there’s something freeing about posting on my blog where I know nobody will see it. It’s been a pretty “curated” art year for me which is fine to an extent but definitely adds pressure. This Christmas drawing literally came about because I told myself I was going to have all week to see if I could come up with a good one, thus relieving the pressure of making the perfect drawing, so I ended up making the perfect drawing haha.

Looking at that 2020 drawing though with the whole cast in the house kinda makes me want to do another one like that though. It’s always been one of my favorites.


Micah’s gauges? His snowflakes? HIS NAILS? Andrew looking DAINTY AF? come onnnnnnnnn

Also I pulled this up on my iPad and realized the only finishing touch I actually need for sure is my signature lol. I kind of want to add a border or something but idk

Through the years we all will be together.

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THIRTEEN YEARS AGO I guess I had just started Sun-Walking, so I guess even without participating in NaNoWriMo (recently exposed as harboring a moderator who was grooming teen writers so I’m fucking out), November has always been a productive writing month.

I’m 40,000 words 55,000 words! into my latest project which is a huge departure from the type of storytelling I’ve done before. It’s first person with three distinct POVs, and I’m 40k in but not even at the third act yet. I’m pretty excited, it’s looking like a great great story with some of the tightest and best writing I’ve ever done. It certainly shows the effects of being actively engaged in the writing community for the last nine months, and this is just a first draft. I’m feeling a bit frustrated that I set out with the intention to tell another Andrew/Micah story because the MCs are not ENTIRELY like that but they’re certainly somewhat parallel and related, which makes me just feel like I wasn’t able to write new characters. Even though that’s not true, because the gryphon in said gryphonWIP is nothing like Solveig (or Fionna), the little sister is brand new, as are all of the characters in the city. It’s really just Alister and Nico who have some overlap with Andrew and Micah’s dynamics, but not a lot. I’m working really hard to uncleave them from any other characters which ended up meaning Alister’s ash blond haha.

I made it to 50k WITHIN November (I did 5k before the start of the month) and I’m so proud. I’m about to tie up Act II and the slow burning shitheads FINALLY kissed.

This ended up being a bit of a thesis statement which unsurprisingly means this whole fucking world I created is an analogy for the threat to gay rights happening rn baha
Blond Alister gives Jaime Lannister and Draco Malfoy vibes but Im going to chalk that up to a skill deficit atm
Stella is a 17 year old firecracker and I’m obsessed with her

Oh yeah here’s new Lucienne > Claire

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mikara pt 2

Yes I did copy and paste this whole blog post from December but Bestie Vic wanted another Ingrid drawing and then THIS EXPLODED INTO BEING

Ffffff so sexy

Such progress literally I haven’t grown this much as an artist in such a short time in…ever?

Had to do a quick drawing project when this showed up on my timehop today.

Yes. Yes she will.

Her boob window came from Ingrid’s original FHV uniform from Nikkei

Eheheh I forgot she had wings for a second dear god

Some other similarly toned Ingrids

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Tarot Deck

God I’ve been woefully neglecting this blog because of all the work it is marketing for the book. I keep thinking about it, but talking about my creative work is kind of a chore right now, which makes it feel strange doing it for pleasure.

I’m down to the last few weeks before release though. Today I ordered business cards and I’m planning to start doing some trips to local bookstores to drum up interest for the launch party. My dad was ready to do that for me today but I wanted my whole package ready to bring with me haha.

I just finished up and sent out for printing six tarot cards inspired when I was talking to my friend Taylor who owns a crystal salon. I had her put together some crystals for my raffle box for the launch party and then we got talking about doing a reading there. Which made me want to finally after years of toying with the idea, make some tarot cards. This would not have been possible before I discovered the symmetry tool bahaha.

I don’t even think I had written in here that I updated Lucienne’s name on a whim to Chamomile hahaha. It was when someone typoed her name to Lucien and I realized that not only is it generic these days, it doesn’t really have any bearing in the Lilydale world. I said Chamomile as a joke and then it just kind of brainwormed into my head.

Ummm what else. I got some new secondhand trauma from a client yesterday but on the bright side it very circuitously made me realize that Andrew’s mom was accidentally based on Jamie Lee Curtis in the new Halloween movie. Shrugs. Haha.

Ummm what else

I feel really happy that drooling over The King’s Maker has made me so much better at hands which has allowed me to give Andrew the sexiest goddamn hands ever like whaaat, every single fucking time 10/10 gorgeous motherfucking digits

ok well I’m out of steam so goodnight

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The Auburn Knight

Apparently my class was inspiring to me. The first three days this week I worked on this on the projector during Super Stories and I honestly love how it turned out. The color palette is so autumnal and soothing. And the fox turned out hella cute. So did Andrew’s billowy shirt. I’m not crazy about his eyes but if I really wanted to I could just redraw them. But I don’t want to. So whatever. I posted this process video as my first Tiktok too.