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ostara vibes

well, the release of Promise Me, Lord Heartwood is flying closer with reckless abandon. I’m so ready. Rend Me came and went with little to-do because it was the middle book, I couldn’t get any ARC readers to sign up, and it really just felt like I was sighing my way through it to get to this one.

My proof of Promise Me came and it was very shockingly emotional. It certainly helped that this is the first of the three books I didn’t have to fuss with to get the frame positioned right, so the copy that I got was so close to perfect I felt like it was basically the final copy.

I still can’t get over Andrew’s perfect face. It feels like he is everything he’s always been meant to be.

My experience with Micah in the trilogy has been that maybe I get defensive when he’s imperfect or annoys people because I believe that heroes can fail and suck and screw up without making them less worthy of success. Or because I just care about him too much.

I’ve been working on an IngridxChamomile short story and it’s been brutal. I think it’s been good practice for like, pushing through on a project I don’t feel like is organically flowing at all. I’ve had some good writer friends rooting for me which has helped.

Chami has Keeley Jones vibes in this.

Other Miscellaneous Heartwood Art

Random Traditional Andrew

I’m going to be at Minneapolis Pride in June and I’m trying to be very extra prepared for it. This drawing is gonna go on a huge sign with the logo for the trilogy omnibus.

Lol god this blog has taken me like three weeks to finish and I haven’t written anything

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