or we could sail away forever more

I am currently obsessed with this song.

I was up until two thirty this morning, because around one thirty I got this great idea for cutting a section of narration in RE that had gotten too dense and replacing it with information given via dialogue between Danyil and Julian (what an intense pair they are!).
So that’s all I’m still really working on.

But I’m also uploading Farewell, Fairytale piece by piece to Inkpop, and a few people have been reading it. 🙂

And I’m also doing the manga version of RE still! I find it to be very therapeutic. And generally, the pages look really good, too. In fact, that made me want to scan a clip that I really liked and put it on here. Maybe later.

This is what I thought I wanted – why am I afraid?

1 thought on “or we could sail away forever more”

  1. I like how we have like, opposite issues. Haha.
    And I like his voice. 🙂
    Yeah, I guess I don’t have anything useful to say. What else is new. I’m glad you seem to have settled down with a project for now.

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