Emotional Breakdowns, Redefining Evil


I don’t really have anything interesting to share except for a few sketches. And most of them are indulgent. I’m starting to feel sort of frivolous about my art again. Like, all I do is my own characters in an almost fanart-esque way. Is that even possible? One time, in my speech class, my teacher mentioned something about episodes I and II of Star Wars, right? And one of my classmates referred to them as almost Star Wars fanfiction. Since they’re still done by George Lucas, it sort of opened up a new meaning for fanfiction for me. Hence why I think I might do a lot of my own fanart/fanfiction. =/
And um. That’s pathetic.
But then I also think of the concept from Inception of subconscious projections. Or even Jung’s archetypes, where these “personalities” are inherent in our reservoirs of human behavior passed down through social generations. They’re sort of used in tarot cards, where they have like “white knight” or “old crone” cards. Not that that’s what I’m getting at – but my characters are personal to me to that extent, where they are sort of projections of my worldview.

Anyway. Less boring, self-indulgent justification. Picture time.


This one I did whilst laughing at Abass, who was artistically blocked. It’s done with ink – black, and magenta. With accents using white gel pen. I wanted to make a full-scale RE cover. But Tokie was the only one that I finished; I don’t know how to put Danny and/or the Evereauxs in the background. And when I think of RE covers, I want it less like an illustration and more like a manga cover, where the characters are…like, not silhouettes.


This was after plans with a friend fell through. First I spat out this angry little sketch of a girl with devil horns and a tail. Then I decided to be more constructive, so I started sketching Danny with pen and ended up with this rather dashing image of him. His face is perfect.

The Evereauxs

And here are some sketches of Julian’s younger years when Sang-Mi was still around (except for the bottom two images). Micah has Julian’s eye shape and Sang-Mi’s smile. And Lacy…I think she’s mostly Julian, oddly enough. Except she’s got Sang-Mi’s hair. (Sang-Mi is half-Korean, half-English. xD And Julian is Lebanese, which makes Micah and Lacy…weird.) All three of them would have been so different if Sang-Mi were alive. Lacy wouldn’t be so freaking spoiled. I have such an interest in Sang-Mi and Mihai, because their absence changed their families’ structures so much. But, I can’t remember where, one time I actually added Mihai to something, and I found out that the memory of him has more strength than his existence would have. Weird, right? I don’t know if it’s really like that in real life, though. Because, like, my mom’s parents died when I was little. And I really wish I’d gotten to spend more time with them, because I think I’m a lot more like them than I am my dad’s parents. Or do I just think that because they’re not here?

2 thoughts on “(ghosts)”

  1. Do you ever get the feeling that you’ve had this problem before, and then I tried to help you, but you disregarded me, and then you got over it on your own and I felt obsolete? I get that feeling sometimes.

    I like alll of your pictures. The first one is creepy, the second one is pensive, and the third one is precious.

  2. Margaret. My issues with my art/writing are never ending. If you think you have to deal with it all the time, just imagine all the times I’m feeling crappy and don’t let you know that I am. 😛

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