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true friends are the ones who…

…don’t back down from a fight because they know the good times make it worth the bad.

<3 So, I was originally going to post the following picture on your wall, Margaret. chargrid_myo2

Because, clearly, it’s a less-freaky Myoku than the one before. In addition to that, I was going to add that “Even though I can be an epic bitch, I’m a bitch who learns her lessons”, especially when the teacher’s so dedicated.

But then there was an upload error, and also the second time I tried…so, I decided I’d make a blog about it. But then, I realized that if I was going to dedicate an entire blog to you, then a hot picture of Myoku wasn’t good enough.
So, naturally, I gave up.

Just kidding.

I did this one.


And, no, it’s not as detailed as the Myoku one, because I sort of crashed a few minutes ago. And I might, if you were planning on, like, saving it or something, fix it up in the morning. But for now I think it suits its purpose.

It’s really settled in how difficult I’ve been towards you, and I haven’t been a very nice little girl. So I’m sorry, and like the tagline suggests, you’re a true friend and thanks for not giving up on me.

On a more artistic note, what do you think of this coloring style? It’s using a different tool, which is why there are no lines. I think it could lead into some interesting things, as opposed to how I used to do things digitally, where I felt like it was so bad it wasn’t worth my time.

Well, I think I’m going to go to bed now. If you feel exposed by this, I can take this entry down after you’ve read it. But I think you deserve it after all you’ve done for me related to my endeavors this summer. <3

2 thoughts on “true friends are the ones who…”

  1. Wow. Way better. I didn’t even tell you what was weird about Myoku, but you fixed it all – his jaw was jutting out sort of, and his fingers were odd. Now his hand looks SO good. …Yep, I’m 100% pleased with this one. See what I mean?
    Haha. The second one. It’s cute. Are we about to cry? I’m flattered that you made my eyebrows brown, even though they’re black – KEEP THAT. And thank you.
    The coloring is a lot more vibrant, and…stylistic, if I’m using that correctly. The only example with lines I have on hand is my wallpaper (I think), and the shading looks absolutely fine there too, so at this point I’m not yet sure which one I’d prefer for like, your manga. Either way I think it’s worth practicing, because I think you could get really good at it and it’s got an interesting appeal.

    PS why are we sooo much paler than Myoku. I hope he wears sunscreen.

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