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Like Sitting on My Head

Burgh. I really want a new OMS layout. But I’m stuck. I had been working on a less graphics-based one to no real success. I especially lost interest in it once smelly Margaret goes “You alllwaaaays have a picture.”
And now I want it to have a picture.
But I don’t know of what.
I’ve got so many ideas rolling around in my head, and none of them are concrete.
First I was thinking of one with Levi and Lucienne – which has potential, but for some reason I feel like avoiding a story-specific layout. Probably because I feel like with all the stuff with RE, the area with the stories should be the only area that has anything story-exclusive in it.
So then I was thinking I could do one featuring only one (or two) characters from each of my seven stories (Nikkei, RE, Rebels, …Whispered the River, Farewell Fairytale, Catcher and Sun-Walking). But I feel like aiming for simplicity, and cramming at least seven characters into an image would not leave me with a simple layout.
So then I think, well, the seven characters idea sounds fun. Who cares if it’s not simple.

And then I’m left with this sort of circular reasoning that has no conclusions.


And that’s where I am. I only have another week to come up with a new layout before school starts again! Knowing me, I’ll have one done by tomorrow. But at this rate, I don’t even know which direction to go.

And I DON’T WANT TO BE FINISHED WITH SUN-WALKING. ): It’s been such a pleasurable (why must that word be ruined by sexual connotations) (okay it might not have been before, but now it is) experience writing it. So refreshing to have an ENTIRELY new cast (excluding Levi’s physical similarities to Syracrus’ hair) in an ENTIRELY new world that for once ISN’T modern, and working with an issue (sexism and extreme patriarchy) that I can get going about.

…Now I ran out of steam to journal.

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