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“Will I go to Mordor? Maybe.”

“…Do I want to? No way in hell.”

In the rewrite of the hospital-related chunk of RE, I offered Danyil an adorable LotR reference. I’d been trying to decide what sort of man he was outside of his police chief persona, and I’m thinking he’s pretty much a huge book nerd. And no, I don’t mean “Just like meeeeee,” I mean like oookay Danyil settle down, you’re too excited about a literary device.

Anyway, regarding that crazy rewrite, I’m pretty much I’ve bitten off quite a bit more than I can (easily) chew. I think I wanted to do it (subconsciously or not) because it would be an easy way to channel my emotions into something that will do exactly what I tell it to do. But now I want to brush up so many more things and I’m worried that I’m going to make it messier by wanting to do all this. None of these changes are currently in the main manuscript, so it’s not like I’m endangering anything, but I really want these changes to work…I just wish it were working easier.

I think there are lots of little sketches of different things that I could add to this…but I’d better go work on that aforementioned scene.

p.s. today I mourn the death of Diana Wynne Jones, author of so many quaint, lovable, escapist fairytales like Howl’s Moving Castle, the Chrestomanci chronicles, Enchanted Glass, Dark Lord of Derkholm, and so on. I am so sorry that Enchanted Glass was the last new idea of hers I’d ever read. ):


1 thought on ““Will I go to Mordor? Maybe.””

  1. Haha, I love it! This will help convey that Danyil is really just a softie.

    Pace yourself! And if you get overwhelmed, just take a step back for a bit and look at the story holistically again. And I am always here to lend an ear, of course.

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