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He’s Just A Pest.

I am getting lost in RE right now, and I love it. At the hospital I did this lineup of the cast (Danny, Ingrid, Micah, Sotoka, Andrew, Julian and Lacy) and it was fun to mess with body types. Andrew is tiny. 😀 Then today at school I started sketching Danyil and Micah, because in the revisions their relationship has become a little more defined — by the end, when Micah’s not being a douche, he’s still sort of a douche. Haha. I mean, he just can’t help but annoy people on purpose. See:

“I remember once…there was a jellyfish that washed up on shore.”
“A jellyfish.”
“It was the type whose barbs could kill you. You and Alexander were mischievous little shitheads and wouldn’t leave it alone, so I took it as a personal mission to keep you from getting hurt. I locked you two in your dad’s car until I’d tossed it back in the water with a piece of driftwood.”
Clutching my hand to my chest, I said with feeling, “Thank you, Danyil, jellyfish exterminator extraordinaire.”
Crossing his arms, Danyil told me, “You’re still a shithead.”

For some reason, this made their relationship feel fonder. Micah is a jerk but he makes a really endearing jerk (sometimes.)
Uhh. I’m thinking I’m not being totally coherent.

Let me also say that I feel similarly to their relationship as I do about what the revisions have done to the relationship between Danyil and Andrew (the pastor). Andrew, I’ve found, is a chronic jokester. That’s how he processes things. He makes tons of stupid pastor jokes and I lovelovelove them – makes him feel so authentic. This is the latest one I added, just before they confront Sotoka:

–A book? That’s all you’re bringing?
–Just this. I would bring my crucifix, but I think I lost it in my silverware drawer.
–I’m afraid you’re not taking this very seriously.
–Sorry. I’ll behave.

Oh, and then there’s the whole slicing business I did to the hospital portion. I honestly did pull out my computer and add a detail or two to the scene when Danyil is in Micah’s hospital room while I was sitting in recovery with my mom.

Why I really wanted to do this is to SHOW YOU A PITTCHUR that I started doing at school! LOOK I ALREADY SAID THAT D: I am not going to enjoy reading this entry when I’m actually awake/not emotionally exhausted.



I’ve been trying to explore body types. Micah and Danyil definitely do not have the same body type. Micah is leaner but not lean, and Danyil is just….BIG o___O; ya, definitely already said that.

Danny’s hand is massive.  And I know his left arm looks weird, but I think it’s relatively correct. o_O;  However, I can’t say the same about Micah’s feet.  But his face is perfect.
p.s. I’ll bet Margaret’s first reaction will be OMG FOREARMS. Just saying.

I am sort of planning on doing something with color or ink to this, but the pencil lines are pretty good so maybe not. Besides, I dunno what more finishing it would do to it.

I love the feeling between them – I was going to add some sort of dialogue, but I think it says way more without it.

…I’m just going to post this now. e.e;

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  1. …Freaky, Mary. Freaky freaky freaky. Am I that predictable?
    I love his pastor jokes tooooo.
    And I love that you have so many outlets for your feelings. Some people have to resort to writing profanity in their notebooks. Ahem.

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