Redefining Evil, Writing Journey


Haha, that subject line was fun to do.

Anyway, I’m having a moment — at this moment I love and am SO PROUD of Redefining Evil.

On a little trip to my publisher’s website, I saw this new message:

PYP is testing the waters with a new submission policy: We’ll take a 1 line (that’s right, ONE SENTENCE) pitch for your book on the FIRST DAY of any month, emailed to this address: Directions: Send that one-liner, along with genre, word count, three possible high-ranking endorsers, and the very best of your previous publishing credits. The totality of what we receive should equal LESS THAN a HALF PAGE of information. Any more and it will be deleted. Follow instructions to the “T”. If we don’t ask for further info by the first day of the following month, assume we’re probably not interested. Do not resubmit the same manuscript for at least ONE YEAR. In the meantime, scour our site to see what we’re about and what we’re interested in. And btw, we want GREAT; if your book’s been dissed by other publishers, it may not be right for us either.

That, in addition to seeing how wonderfully my editor handles her Facebook community, made me immensely proud to have been a chosen author for PYP. Then seeing Danny’s name on PYP’s website (not to mention Julian)…AHHH.

I believe, in response, I am going to keep working on the redline edit of my manuscript that will be published by Port Yonder Press in 2012. Hehe! Sometimes I need this kind of a pick-me-up. Works sort of the same way as a Chai tea latte with caramel. :3

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