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this place about to —


Haha — I can’t help it, Ke$ha’s songs are freaking catchy.

Anyway…I am so desperately itchy to work on a new project! Given the fact that I’m sending C my revisions basically in three days, this could be a major problem if, say, it totally distracted me from putting in the last of my redlining. And I will admit that it has sort of distracted me, haha. But I’ve only got another 120 pages to get through! 😀 … D:

So when I started working on “My Mental Breakdown,” it got me a little bit excited about a lot of my completed projects. Also, when I visited the FOCI glassblowing studio a few weeks ago, it got me hyped up a little bit about “Catcher” — I just think Andrew and Karoh are a really strong team. I watched “Tangled” today, which got me hyped about writing a sequel to “Sun-Walking.” And summer makes me think of “Farewell, Fairytale.” Lastly, drawing the page illustration for “…Whispered the River” got me talking about that story with Margaret, which got me thinking about that story, and how much potential it has, and how amaaaaaazingly visual it is. So I was suddenly pretty certain I wanted to redo the story — as a manga. It’s so summery (it takes place along a river and in a forest, and everyone wears shorts and t-shirts and swimsuits and even though it’s all a bunch of lines, I can feel the warmth), and when I finished school on Monday I was suddenly faced with a HUGE void with nothing to fill it with, and it sounded nice.

But I’ve been looking at …WtR a lot, and I just don’t think I’ve come far enough artistically since I wrote it to justify writing it again. Yes, I could easily put the story back in order, and really push the appearances of the characters so that each one could be identified easily (as it stands, everyone pretty much has the same face, hair, and body type). But that’s about all. I love the chemistry between the cast and I’m not sure I’ve done it that well since then. This story really shows the tumultuous things I was going through my senior year of high school, haha. Like, omgangrywomen and wow, that girl is so obstinate and hey you I will resent you until I die.


So, in other news…shoot! I was going to talk about something else, but now it’s left my mind. ):

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  1. Heh heh heh, I’m pretty sure I recognize one of those images and my part in writing it… 😉

    I accept your reasoning for putting a hold on …WtR. And of course will support whatever you do decide to undertake.

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