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That subject line makes this sound like this’ll be a very profound journal entry, but I doubt it will be. You see, I submitted my revisions of “Redefining Evil” to C yesterday. I’m also out of school.


I want to delve into art. I haven’t made a legit character picture of anyone in a while. But that’s because I’ve come to view that as a little…frivolous. I worry about myself constantly — that is, I’m afraid I could easily see myself becoming some shut-in who gets lost in her own contrived worlds. ):

I realized that I should probably figure out some concrete strategies for marketing RE, so I googled Christian vampires and came across this Christianity Today article — from February of last year. But what do I do with these? Write to the editor? Write to authors of articles cautioning parents against Twilight? AAAH! (That was a cry of whelm). This article is somewhat amusing, and that’s the third time I’ve seen mention of a novel called Thirsty by Tracey Bateman. Reservation at the library? I’d say that needs to happen…

Anyhow, all those articles are outdated. Christian vampire stories have been tried and discarded and by the time RE comes out they’ll be two or three years old. Uhm…so now what? I’m a little reassured because cycles might bring them back into style, but if not, where does RE stand?

Ugh…here I go again, feeling in over my head.

OH GOSH. Bad. That aforementioned Tracey Bateman’s second book cover is basically ripping off the Twilight designs:


(or, more likely, “The Host”)

Well…that’s enough of that for now.
I’m really eager to write something new and fresh. I’m thinking I definitely need to go for an urban setting. I have so many people I’ve met or seen this year that I want to include even as walk-ons. I feel like my character design could improve so much. Sun-Walking is evidence enough of that — I actually went with an ethnic consistency that was purposely broken by Levi’s Indian-esque race.
I don’t really want to depart from fantasy, though. And all I can think of for urban fantasy is A Madness of Angels, but Kate Griffin’s masochism in The Midnight Mayor turned me off to wanting to read The Neon Court, so I don’t really want to emulate that — or at least not the gore in it. She is a great writer though. Pity.


I wrote the first sentence of the possible sequel to Sun-Walking:

“Lucienne, I need to tell you something,” said Levi, shifting his gaze from the orange glow of the Sun-Globes in order to look at her.

HAHA whooooo.
But see, I decided on this really cool setting for Levi’s hometown — I have always liked the Italian canals? Channels? Well, those manmade rivers running through the cities with the boats and the bridges. Like in the winter village that they visit in Avatar where Sokka meets the moon goddess. XDDDD Anyway, I really want to use that as a setting, but if I use it for Sun-Walking‘s sequel (possibly Sky-Dancing) then I’d really miss out on the chance to do anything new with it. ):

So…I guess it’s brainstorming time…

It’s hard to know how much I should devote myself to, though. I’d better start working on that book teaser for RE, too. O_O

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