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New Domain Name!

I’m feeling a little emotional over having switched domain names once and for all today. I just shifted over the whole RE portion of the site, and that was long after I quickly got Dreaming in Color up and running. With the exception of the cute thumbnail images for my entries. ): Trying to decide if I should go through EVERY SINGLE MEDIA ITEM and associate it with their respective blog entries, or if that’s just silly. (Then again, from that perspective, this whole thing is just silly)

Anyway, I’ve been contemplating switching out of OMS for a long time, but it still feels weird to actually have done it. But it came with the revelation that if I publish I’ll go under the penname M. Elizabeth Stewart. My dad and I thought it had a good ring to it and my mom said that it’s fine as long as I give her some of the money I make (as her name is Elizabeth Stewart and I’d be “stealing it”).

But now I’m thinking of My Mental Breakdown and how I’ve never really liked the layout since I made it so I should use this as an opportunity to start that from scratch AGAIN. Possibly with a less image-heavy layout because although I always wanted a large image in my layouts, I think I sling-shot to an unpleasant extreme with that last layout, haha.

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