Art!, Nikkei


So I must have seen the date on my phone and I jumped because suddenly it’s that date I’ve been recognizing since I was an overly dramatic 13-year-old girl writing her first graphic novel. And since I just finished a project, that classic old nostalgia’s flooding in.

In fact, it’s a little funny this year because everything that Nikkei began in my life is sort of…sorted out. Sorted out, and still alive. I’ve got three stories off in the cyberspace of publisher’s queues, and I’m likely going to be exhibiting my artwork in my first professional art crawl, and I’ve got a degree and I’ve got a future and Nikkei threw me into my life as I know it.

This little Nikkei doodle looks almost exactly like the sketch I did two years ago on this day, so I started drawing a more complicated piece and then I was like THIS ISN’T FUN JUST STOP NOW

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