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stitched up


Oh, my, gosh!

After a somewhat disgruntled time with Manga Studio in the last few weeks, I finally switched back to working in Photoshop and kickstarted my interest in doing so by finding myself some better brushes to work with. I took my tablet out today while I had company (tsk, tsk) and just started going. I had two lines of inspiration for this: first, I wanted to do eyes scribbled out like I did oh so long ago as an angsty teenager. After thinking I’d scrapped that idea, I drew a girl with her hands out and decided to make her fingers look like they were pulling on something…and voila. I don’t know what it means (yet), but it’s deliciously creepy while also being delicate and lovely. My perfect mix, but maybe I’m biased.

Here are some other sketches I did with my new girl


ice cream to a girls  heart

sad girl

what does life mean

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