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After a brief artistic dry spell after vacation, I’ve emerged with flying colors and produced a spree of amusing doodlies.

It’s all gonna be done now. I start teaching for a week and then my REAL JOB starts!

dvd box

Ryan and I move into our own apartment in 38 days, so to take advantage of my last few days off, I wanted to pack up everything in my childhood bedroom that I still wanted with me. I basically left all of my decorations up in my room and moved all of my practical stuff into the basement. So Hoshi helped me pack. I guess.


So like the actual aftermath of the phone ringing and subsequent Mary tossing was a lot funnier because we were both just like, super confused by what had just happened, because I flung my legs back and he sat up at the same time independent of each other so all of a sudden we were sitting up but it’d felt like he’d thrown me but he didn’t so…so I made it into a comic.
how i like my coffee - colored

Yes, I did this during class yesterday. Not the colors obviously, but the very intricate line art. I think I can get away with it ’cause my professor is an art therapist and I surprisingly stayed even more focused while drawing. So YAY


Girl with super huge eyes and cat, foreshortenedyoung and savvy

The class got into an awkward conversation about social media and phones and technology and like, old people don’t get it and I wanted to say something but instead I arted.
bubble teaI found a new bubble tea place. It’s basically heaven.

rule 34I was making a birthday card for my friend and then I got sucked into the recesses of my art archives on my computer and then I drew Andrew, Micah and Erik for the first time in like two years and it felt amazing. I figure Andrew probably found some weird porn on the internet or something.

rose esterRandom Wednesday night cat girl.



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