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myoku: master of the shadows

Earlier this week I was looking at some spotlight on “then and now” drawings that a blog posted. It made a super big deal about how cool those transformations were for these innovative artists who wanted to showcase their progress. And, being in a bit of a dry spell lately, I thought that would be such a cool way to get back into creating! So last night I pulled out my old gross portfolio…and then remembered that I’ve literally been doing transformation drawings for as long as I’ve kept a portfolio. It was more difficult in fact to find a drawing I HADN’T transformed a dozen times.

Pushing past my normal embarrassment to draw Myoku around my husband, I redesigned the layout of an old, old, OLD Myoku drawing and I dove into this neat composition. It turned out really, really, cool. And my husband (I almost wrote Myoku instead, teheh) thought it was pretty neat – we’ve shared a mutual love for staff fighting.

So tralala here it is!

I fricking LOVE that powerful focal point – that bottom hand. And when I smudged everything shading the cape, it only came more into focus!


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