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vacation inspiration

Well, well, well! I may not have done a lot of drawing on vacation, but I had an itch to work on a new story and…I DID.

So it all started because of how amazing the frontman of Rise Against is.
Okay but also look how punk adorable me and my cute husband are when we go punk out to punk bands in Canada.
Okay anyway, so basically I was into Rise Against a little bit when Satellite came out, and then when The Black Market came out three years ago I tumbled back down the Rise Against rabbit hole. They happened to be having a show in Canada when we were going to be there on our honeymoon, so while it was Ryan’s third Rise Against concert, I was eagerly going to my first concert of theirs.
Rise Against’s lyrics have gotten deep into me many times, appearing in many of my paintings and popping up on many of my tweets. On Friday, two days before the concert, one of Ryan’s friends suddenly told us on Twitter that their new album came out.
It was all the political commentary I was ever waiting for and all the gritty realism about relationships I’ve always loved, and then I saw him singing in concert, and I was like, omfg, he’s just wanting to be written, and like, I fangirled a lot, and then he played my favorite song alone onstage with an acoustic guitar. And then I was like, I want him to be one of my characters.

The next day at our hotel I was like I’M GONNA STORY PLOT, and I literally wrote like three lines of brainstorming, one of which was, “themes? mental illness, commitment” and then I branched off mental illness and I was like PANIC ATTACKS, BUT THEY RELEASE LIKE, CHAOS

And then on the plane this morning I started writing about FUCKING JULIAN and suddenly I was like omg I totally know his voice, it’s amazing, and then I was like, jesus, he helps save this girl whose panic attacks cause elemental anomalies, and he totally falls for her, and then MICAH IS ONE OF HIS FORMER CLIENTS, WHO’S LIKE, TAKE ME IN ON YOUR BUSINESS and then aaaah

I don’t know yet if it’ll live outside the airport but I wrote 8 pages single spaced of it while at various very, very, very delayed flights.

So, I’m liking it. Soon, this will call for Julian/Micah/Shian/Paris fanart HEHEHEHE

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