As it often happens, I have been doing art, but not very easily postable art. All these watercolors are big 18×24 canvases that neither photograph easily or scan really at all. I pinned a cropped part of the canvases onto my scanner to get them in and there’s still a huage scan line on each of them.

But alas, such is the traditional artist’s life.

Painting 1: Creepy Glowy Eyed Fire Girl

I have very mixed feelings about how this one turned out. On the actual canvas she takes up the bottom quarter and that’s it. But this crop makes it look all her and I don’t really like how the pastels ended up looking on canvas – very grainy. I only did her because the watercolors alone on this one were pretty weak. And I wanted to experiment. But you know, some if not a lot of experiments fail, so this one kind of sits there as a testament to sometimes failing.

Painting 2: Gyroscape

I totally love this one, and it is a testament to a successful experiment. Did a lovely spacetastic wash, and then I was like, WHITE LINES, so I made a spiraly overlay and I was like oookay. This is all neat and tidy. Noice.

Painting 3: the Skylight

This one feels the paintiest. Cause I was in the car with the husband and we were driving into the sunset after a baseball game and I was all oh wow, look at those deep dark clouds over the peachy sunset sky. And I was like hey Honey I have to make a painting when we get home. Then I did.

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