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So recently when I got super cranky about social plans changing on me at the last minute, I decided I wanted to draw a dragon lady. The idea ended up evolving into a full-scale, a bit risque dragon lady digital painting. I worked on it over the course of 4 days or so after I figured out I can make my tablet and my laptop into a dual monitor situation, so I could binge watch Jane the Virgin on my laptop screen while I painted in front of it on my tablet. Hooray for 21st century arting! This was after I also rearranged my whole giant art desk so the left side can be a more or less permanent home for my laptop and tablet now that I have a little Chromebook for everyday computer use.

So without further ado, enjoy my suggestive illustration of a glamorous dragon lady that I kind of want to write a story about.

Still debating whether to do a version where she’s “clothed” so I can post it on Facebook. But I’ve been dragging my feet on finishing this up, so for now, nudie it is. Besides, what reason would a dragon lady need to wear clothes?


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