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more dailies!

Obviously since I’m doing this daily drawing project…you know, daily, most of the time it’s been all I’ve done that day. And while I probably didn’t fully take advantage of my time at home as much in terms of art (I was, admittedly, a bit busy with finally celebrating my pregnancy *very late*, and midterms, and you know, healing), I got a few good, full illustrations or else some funny comics or good process images.

On my last weekday off a few days ago before I started work again yesterday I randomly wanted to draw a cute girl in sakura blossoms. Shani/Lucy is always my go to cute girl and it always makes it easier for me to invest in a drawing if it’s someone I “know.’

So I spent most of Friday between getting lunch with my awesome husband painting this. My focus has been pushing myself in digital painting, lessening my dependence on bold line art, and trying new shading methods. It was fun? if not not entirely successful to try the dappled lighting. It was definitely more successful in my head and the rest of the piece is stronger than that lighting, but again, the point of these daily drawings is to push my skills and sometimes that means trying something new even if it’s not spectacular. Overall, anyway, I really like it! The details of the blossoms in front of her are perrrrrrrrf
This was another exercise in not depending on line art. One thing that’s been helping with that is to color over a sketch instead of under. Technically speaking there isn’t any “line art” in this one at all; the lines are all also shading! Also I love her eyelashes?
After doing some sloppy ugly hand-paneled comics a few days during this project it occurred to me I am fully capable of using Manga Studio’s comic-making tools. So this Scribbles comic looks WAY more sophisticated than it has any right to be depicting my weird kitten’s spaz mode.
On the flip side, here’s an ugly picture of my grumpy burned marshmallow cat being ungrateful for all the money and effort that’s gone into her this week. Ryan asked if I was drawing her as a boy. I guess that’s my cue that I made her too chunky and not curvy enough. But it’s not my fault (I mean it is a bit) that Snowball got fat.

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