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double august feature!

Work while very pregnant and also slow in the summer meant I grabbed some oversized paper from the documentation room and did some pen drawings on my last weekend working. I decided this warm and “last days of summer” girl could use some color and I’m reallly happy with how it turned out. Done on my new all in one of course.
Deer girl work doodle
Ironically, this is the drawing I did the morning that I went to the hospital to have a baby. I’d been experiencing signs of pre labor all weekend that I was convinced were all in my head, because they either could mean labor was imminent or else weeks away. For me, it was imminent!

Worth publishing, but incomplete – I was working on this blog entry and scanning a large painting with my newer scanning software, paused for dinner, and then after dinner, my waters broke and I went to the hospital to have a baby! So…a bit distracting, the whole week is gone now!

Ryan and I became parents on August 27 at 3:30 in the afternoon to our magical boy Ronan Mylo. The three days since then have been quite a roller coaster. I obviously haven’t been doing any art, but I’m gearing up! :3

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