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He wasn’t a leprechaun until I showed Ryan and asked him what the outfit sans vest looked like (Five, from Umbrella Academy) and he said the Lucky Charms leprechaun so now I can’t unsee it

But anyway his Pocket Gay is pretty cute

I was thinking about the Andrew doll and it occurred to me tonight that I was thinking about a really old Danyil/Erik/Eripmav doll and so I dug it up out of my drive and it turns out THERE WAS ONE OF MICAH TOO

I’m sensing another project revolving around the plush lol

[edit] I was pretty excited about this piece so I was deep diving in Micah’s folder on my drive and came across THIS SIMILARITY AND I’M DYING

I PROMISE I have not thought about this atrocity, this assault of the senses, this, how the fucking fuck did I show this in public AT MY HIGH SCHOOL GRAD PARTy gaggjglasjaahdflkj hahahahaha

but the green blazer and the vest ?? 14 years later looool

so. fucking. funny yahahahahaa

Omg the deep dive intensified, I found THIS AHAHAHA

Andrew and Micah circa 2007 (the big chin era) UNDER A JESUS UMBRELLA

I died

I’m dead

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