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i’ll never go

New Fall Out Boy! Got the vision of Andrew being a nerdy shut-in hanging out with his cat. I feel like he had a black cat a million years ago too. But this is Arwen.

The manuscripts were super fun to throw in there. And yes, trying to get his tum right required some interesting results on Pinterest from what me and my client described as “the rabbit hole of gay men in crop tops”

Andrew circa 2009 when he was cursed to turn into a dragon lol
This is supposedly from 2013 but somehow worse, must be from the beginning of my digital art era haha
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2009 | 2019

So these days my husband follows a lot of trendy anime artists on Instagram and he kept mentioning how people were doing the 10 year challenge to finish out the decade.

I do comparison photos a lot but I decided I had so much new art technology I would try my hand at using one of my new devices.

My husband got me an enormous 22in XP-Pen 22E Pro tablet for Christmas and I tried for a while to use that but at the moment the sheer size of it is too overwhelming for me to try a specific drawing on it before I get used to navigating one end of the other, and its 16 hot keys I haven’t really set or gotten familiar with.

So I ended up going to my senior year manga, Farewell Fairytale, and realized immediately I wanted to do this garish drawing of Elodie and Micah. They were my weird mid-20s engaged couple who were weirdly chaste and half their humor was accidentally being intimate even though they were ~*~*~*~*saving themselves for marriage~*~*~*~*~

So after a few attempts to do a half-kiss like usual I realized I wanted to express them as a couple as they WOULD be a “decade” later (of course not really aging them intentionally, and definitely avoiding Micah’s creepy goatee), as I know love and commitment to be now…hanging out in your pajamas, sipping wine in the dark after a long day and making each other laugh in your home, where you’re the most at ease.

I ended up using the iPad because I kept thinking of its glowy brushes and the “street lights” effect that I wanted. The original drawing was used in a website layout with some oldschool Search the City lyrics

Streetlights carry me home tonight

So that kind of inspired the new urban vibe. I got to do a few nods to the original characters. Elodie has a wolf tattoo because of Fyodor. The original drawing is on their phone screen like a Facebook “10 years ago…” and the neon light on their wall is an umbrella since I couldn’t work that ugly thing into the redo, haha.

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I Hate Heroines

I just realized in my own writing that I have this tendency to be all right writing females — except for the lead role. I mean, maybe women writers in general tend to be somewhat weaker at writing their own sex than they are writing males (this, of course, is possibly just trying to justify myself).

Anyway, thinking back, I typically have a male lead. There was Nikkei in “Nikkei.” All but two of the characters were male in “Rebels,” and only one of those two females was important, and she wasn’t a “lead” enough for me to mess up. Also in “Redefining Evil,” I only have two females. I’d say both Ingrid and Lacy are authentic, but not necessarily likable. Then I hated Cirrus in “…Whispered the River,” and Cadence, Catherine, Ariell (at least I think that was her name), and Tyena were definitely not meant to be “loved.”
All right — I did like Sophie in “Farewell, Fairytale.” But that shouldn’t really count, because I based Sophie on myself and just used Ingrid’s appearance, which I already liked. “Catcher” had a male role, and I did like Phoebe, but I tried really hard to make her pleasant because that would be a lovely contradiction to her career as a prostitute (wow — and this was before seeing “Firefly!”)
And then comes Lucienne. I had this dreadful moment this last week when I suddenly realized how many wins I give her. I beat up like crazy on my male characters in this story, but any time Lucy gets hurt, I make sure she’s the victim. And this far outweighs the times when she overcomes the odds against her and comes out victorious. I mean, part of it is intentional because of the feminism vs. patriarchy theme I play with. Obviously I want feminism to win. That means in the case of Lucienne’s relationship to Levi that she sort of has to wear the pants. But I’m pretty sure there are instances where I overdo it.
This is why I decided that I’m going to wreak emotional havoc on her in the third book. 😀 Levi’s gonna occasionally get tired of tip-toeing around her sense of sexual independence (that sounds slightly perverse but…I don’t mean it that way xD).

Anyway, this problem has no real conclusion because I don’t really know how much of it has to do with the fact that I have been working with Lucienne for more than three consecutive weeks and how much of this has to do with a real concern.