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It’s All A-Whirl

So, I was all surprised that I had actually gotten to the point of making a blog (that was my day’s goal…second to organizing my drawing drawer, WHICH WAS A SUCCESS. I can’t wait to go through a folder or two when I feel like it and put some more meat in my pictures page back on oms (which is gathering dust)!), and then I realized that three of the four pictures that I was going to put in here are too wide for my blog layout. So I was thinking, well, I’ll just make a popup! But then I realized I’d have to make the pages for each of the popups, and to make the pages, I’d have to do HTML…

(why would you do that mary how would you ever plan on moving to a new website if you do stupid shit like this)
(okay here)
Well okay here’s where Gru came from. These are more “brief snippets of thoughts” sketches than ones I spent ore than a few minutes on (although I did get pretty into the one of Andy and Danny duct-taping Micah to the wall xDD)

This one is was my second attempt to do the boys all sexy-like (think brooding shoujo men or indulgent fanart of anime boys) for Margaret. Micah’s really moody and was not enjoying flaunting his body for my pencil as much as, say, Danny was. xD

Okay, now I’m going to jump topics and then I’ll jump back to the men, because I want to save that one for last.
This one came as a result of my stint with Dark Prince (or Speak/Breathe), because it made me think back on all the couples I’ve put together since Nikkei. Obviously this doesn’t include all of them (that’d have gotten crowded, and would have included an awkward number of duplicates…hence why Sophie and Fyodor aren’t in it (because Ingrid’s rant is unbeatable. xD)), but I thought it was funny, and yet tragic, and it makes me want to reassess the kind of story I’ve been writing in the past few years (say, Speak/Breathe as opposed to Rebels.) (and I will be ranting about this back on the main blog.)


OKAY SO THIS ONE. Well, I loved it when I sketched it. Micah looks HOT, and it shows their group dynamics really well. I loved it so much that I inked it. When I scanned it, I thought I would add a bit of color like I did on that RE piece with the jellyfish. Then I started being a little more rigorous with the color, and the next thing I knew, I was redoing the lineart (albeit in my non-digital awesomeness sketchy style). I thought Margaret would be proud of me for trying to do digital despite my spitting hatred for it. I was working on a version twice this big, but since I’m not sure I’m done (would like to shade it, and clean up the colors), I decided I’d finish this one for starters and maybe it’ll help me to see what to change (ie, Danny’s poor mouth…and hair).


OKAY so my Dark Prince/Speak/Breathe rant.
I finished the short story. Talked to Margaret, talked to my dad about it, decided, at least, to take it from the classic fantasy medieval era to modern day. Debated on adding magic to it, decided that it could do without. It’s a cross between Rapunzel (roughly) and Romeo & Juliet (minus the angsty suicide). … That should say enough as it is! =/ I didn’t think I was this…fluffy. I want to go back to writing things like Rebels – things that mean something! And I keep wanting to come back to Spirits and the Children, maybe so that I can deal with my own often waning faith. But still, I am so immensely dissatisfied with, basically, everything about S/B except for Fideris (the mute boy) and Endolyne (the meek girl with asthma – who was a success because she was relatively weak and mundane on purpose in order to keep myself from typecasting Ingrid into all my stories after her). I think more than anything, it showed me that I could write a short story (it was 7,000 words). And now that I know that I can, it’s time to make one that means something.
I have a few angles bouncing around in my head. I could bring Tawny Finks into the world once and for all. Because she is really who I want to be right now. Or I could try to create Spirits & the Children to be a short story – or I was also thinking it could be a small collection of relatively disconnected stories about normal people and their struggles with the Lord. Tawny could theoretically be a part of the second idea, which would combine both, but I also like the cast from the original version of TSatC (AAHHH that looks like TCoaRH!). But there’s gotta be a reason that I keep feeling so strongly about TSaTC. I’ve been at that project for two summers now, trying to make it work! All right. I’ve decided (again). It’s time to put my attention towards TSaTC. I CAN MAKE IT SHORT! 😀

The end. I’m going to go shower now. It is eleven thirty. And I don’t care. 😀
Although. I’ll probably slip. And fall. And die.

1 thought on “It’s All A-Whirl”

  1. Okay. I giggled. Like the ENTIRE time.
    I like how in the first one they’re just randomly standing around with their shirts off. It’s a little awkward. And a little HOT.
    The second one…BAHAHAHA. Danny does look a little creepy, though. But zomg. Remember how I suggested video games? I think it worked really well. It even looks like someone stuck with a color scheme! And then I noticed the disgruntled cat in the background. I died.
    The couples one is brilliant too. You’re such a master of making fun of yourself. The idea that all your other couples are scoffing at F&E…wonderful. I wish you had a more successful outlet, because you deserve to be appreciated.
    Lastly, I like the idea of turning TSaTC (for goodness sakes woman, shorter titles!) into a short story. It forces you to make everything you write really intentional and important, and maybe a compacter version will make it more special to you. Or something. But I say go for it.

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