Emotional Breakdowns, Writing!

Grace Like Rain

It’s always so, so, so refreshing when, in the midst of a flurry of producing superficial writing (Catcher and Speak/Breathe), I all of a sudden find myself in the midst of a project that is exactly what I needed. Granted, I think with some work Spirits and the Children (probably to be renamed Sanctus or Kyrie Eleison…except then everyone except liturgical Christians might get scared off…uh.) will be powerful in its own right, and it’s definitely a short story I’ll look at pitching somewhere (depending on how the last 4000 words go…). So it just so happens that it speaks to me almost as loudly as, I don’t know, Nikkei did. I don’t know if it’s that I’m jamming as many emotional freak-outs into Jeremiah and Micah as I possibly can, or because I just added a familiar location that, on the bus ride home from MPLS, I looked at and prayed for, or because I need to believe that there are forces we can’t see that are fighting both for our utter failure and our ultimate success, or…okay, so I’ve made my point.

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