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Mehehe. When I ran across this, I knew that my blog was a perfect place to laugh at it publicly! Granted – I ran across it through the Twitter of the only webcomic I follow (and he’s a digital artist…so obviously he disagreed with this comic…)

BUT I DON’T! I love it. Especially that I would have first assumed that the comic was digital. But it’s traditional. And his argument encompasses the whole reason I have a chip on my shoulder about digital art (now is not the time to point out that OMS’s current layout features a digital drawing).

Oh…and given that, with DiC (HEHE…I realized that’s the acronym a while ago…but I’m not changing the name! xD)’s current layout, the Tahoma font looks pretty ugly, I’m going to try to choose a new font for each layout question mark? Haha. That’s all.

NEVER MIND THAT! o_o; I tried switching to “Visual” view on the post editor, which is the view that does the HTML for you…and it added a whole bunch of useless cluttered codes to my entry! O___o;;; I’ll change the font face MAHSELF.

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