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Check it out. A totally meaningless kiss picture featuring Ingrid and Micah. Woo.

Really it was for the linework, and I was doing it while watching Mulan, so I was artistically inspired. Oh except Micah’s head is too big. Don’t look too closely at it because then you’ll be like “WHOA yes it is HAHAHA”. xD

I wish I was compelled to draw something more meaningful when I get the urge to draw something.

So, I feel like a wreck. A WREEECKKKK. I start at my brand new college tomorrow, and I know I’ll be fine once I’ve managed to get through the first week, but for now…all the things I’m going to have to deal with are squashing my face and I’m just glad the weather’s so nice and cool and cloudy (that’s how I like it). Speaking of squashing faces, last night I captured my cat and held her forcefully in my lap and squashed her face and pushed her lips back to show her fangs and had her on her back laying on my foot for like ten or fifteen minutes. Then, after having ditched me for my mom for the last week after she mauled me…she spent the whole night cuddled on my bed with me. It’s led me to the conclusion that, next time I want to get Hoshi to be nice to me again, I just have to molest her for a little while.

Anyway, the interesting thing about starting school tomorrow is that I also start the mentor program at my church tomorrow night. I’ll be assigned a mentor coordinator who will help me with issues that might come up with my middle school-aged mentee. It has a very Humanistic approach to mentorship, so basically, I’ll be a good listener and a dependable presence in the girl’s life. But I also get a mentor coordinator, who will be that for me, pretty much. And there is also a lot of designated time where I will get to know and form a community with the other mentors. Because this is through my church, it just doesn’t feel that unfamiliar – so when I think of tomorrow, it’s sort of my reward for making it through my first real day at Augsburg by myself. I think I’ll be plenty busy at Augsburg between getting to my classes, picking up my ID, getting a commuter’s locker, drinking COFFEE…I just wish I could skip a month or two, to when I’ll have formed relationships and gotten comfortable with the commute and my classes.
(Correcting my cousin’s grammar on her status…haha, I am such an ass.)
But I don’t know what else to say. I’m just ready to get this over with! And I still have to figure out what I’m wearing tomorrow. ):

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