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Strange Intentions

…I just went on a scanning/doodling spree just because I wanted a more illustrated entry. O.o; And, after I wrote that sentence, I got side-tracked for the last ten minutes looking for a new theme. It wasn’t a successful hunt, either. ): Oh well. Back to the old stuff.

Anyway! It’s no surprise that most of the images I’m going to put up here are from RE. While I can’t seem to change my direction, I will confess that I’m sort of ready to put my attentions towards something new. But that’s sooo easier said than done. I can’t count on a ton of time to formulate new ideas once school/mentor/job? starts.

– This is from a while ago during school, and it’s in a sketchbook that I don’t use a whole lot, so I sort of forget about it unless I happen to be glancing through the sketchbook (like tonight). I was thinking it might be really cool to do digitally – that’s why I never colored it, because I assumed I would be unable to fulfill my expectations for seeing it in color if I were to have done it by hand. Interesting to ponder on. That’s why I left it so huge.

– I was trying to do the scene in RE (the manga) when Mihai dies, so I started listening to Chevelle. And of course, after listening to Shameful Metaphors, I got on a Sotoka kick, so I used the lyrics from Sleep Apnea for this one. I love his expression, but not because it’s so charming. It’s creeepy. And he’s wearing spats. I was thinking of adding a line where Micah says that Sotoka’s chucks look really old, and then Sotoka would be like “Yeah. They’re forty.”
But if I keep adding every useless line that I think of (which I have been doing a lot) to RE, it’s quickly going to lose its power. D: Another reason why I should set it down.
…Huh. Maybe it’d have helped him seem less flat if I’d DONE THE LINES FOR THE CHECKS THE RIGHT WAY. ):

… I just took one of my own pictures out because, when I started writing about it, I got so embarrassed by having even done it. ;_;

So now I took out the one that accompanies it.

-But this one’s…er…okay, indulgent. I was watching Bones, which is where the random dead cats quote is from (Sweets and Bones speaking). I like the one where he’s pensively staring at the sky.

– This one was a more deliberate attempt to draw something to put in my blog. Pretty random. Doesn’t mean much. But they look pretty. I made Ingrid’s hair short, but I don’t like it like that. But I like Danny’s expression, and the little bird necklace he’s got on. (Ingrid has a bird cage around her neck…awwww they complement each other!)

Speaking of Ingrid/Danny mush, this is one that I drew the night before my Art History final last semester. Keep in mind that it is both inked and colored, indicating how much more time I was wasting than I was being productive. (Keep in mind too that I still got 138/140 on the exam.)

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