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Old Days

I don’t actually have all that much to write about – I’m mostly just updating my blog to please Margaret. xD

But I’ve been in one of my phases where I want to improve OMS completely, and even though I’ve done a ton of stuff on it, I still want to do more. That is to say – I made a new layout. I made myself a new “about me” photo (had to do my new hair! :P). I snipped and chopped at the writing on both OMS pages. I added new pictures to the pictures page. It has been a maelstrom of updates!
Thus, all of my artistic stuff is up there, too. The layout picture was fun and made me feel accomplished.
Now, through Dreamhost one of the one-click installations (like this WordPress) is a photo gallery application. Every time I think of that, I’m tempted to convert the pictures page into a formal gallery (which is probably founded on Flash, as opposed to CSS and HTML). But again – I’d only want to do that if I could integrate it with OMS’s actual layout. And given that’s what I said about this blog…and this blog does not, in fact, match my actual site…don’t quite think it’s going to happen. And I like making pages by hand. Allows for more freedom.

Anyway…let’s see. Well, my transfer orientation is this Friday. I start school next Wednesday. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! ):

I don’t have much else to write about. Except that when Margaret suggested I add some more Rebels and TCoaRH pictures to the pictures page (and I was for once in a mood to actually do that), I ended up getting pretty absorbed looking through TCoaRH. That made me realize a few things. First, I might have hated TCoaRH right after I finished it, but I think I exaggerated on quite how bad it is. Yes – there are a million and a half loose ends, and I added way too many characters that I didn’t end up needing. But still. The story had a lot of really, really interesting elements to it (haha – elements…like element kings…okay sorry). And there were so many parts that were unexpectedly funny when I was going through the second volume. The characters were really cute, too. There were a lot of adorable expressions and well-timed spazzes. Also, I can see exactly where I was in my life while I was writing it…and no, it doesn’t really flatter me. The main characters are SO bitter and resentful, and most of them feel like their lives aren’t in their own control and are angry about that. And I totally forgot that Cadence became Star Ambassador because Solaris, when he was a crazy black magician, totally killed her predecessor, so the stars took Cadence (his lover) from him and made her Ambassador. xDD So she hates his guts but he’s just still in love with her. Crazy, crazy story!
It also made me realize that I really, really miss drawing manga. I am all right with writing…but manga just speaks to me in such a different, deeper way. I keep thinking that I should draw Speak/Breathe. It might make an edgier manga than it did a story. I might try that this afternoon just for the fun of it. I just look at my shelf with my drawn stories on it and I’m amazed that I drew as much as I did. These days, I’m happy if I just finish a picture or make a cute doodle or two. That’s totally different, and nowhere near as challenging, as doing a whole story using pictures. Makes me think I should start manga again just to improve my self-discipline.

I feel bad for this entry being so dense. Guess I’ve got to go draw stuff so that I can post a new entry with pictures.

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  1. So Gretchen finally commented “I don’t understand your background” and I got to talk about you a bit. 🙂 Thanks for the update, even though there’s no art on it. :p

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