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Sometimes I’m Sure

And this is why my favorite author is Jonathan Stroud:

The Ring of Solomon has arrived! The hardback UK version arrived on my doorstep this morning, prompting me to dance a hornpipe of joy in my pyjamas. The postman will probably never be quite the same again.”

That was on his journal, and The Ring of Solomon is the newest Bartimaeus novel due out in the states in November. I’m excited – sort of…I definitely trust J. Stroud’s judgment based on the fact that he’s done a number of standalone novels and that this fourth Bart book wasn’t released immediately after he finished the trilogy (and it’s actual a prequel, as far as I know). I am worried, though, that I’ll find that what I found so endearing about Bartimaeus is the way that he and Nathaniel grew to work together so wonderfully. And Nathaniel will clearly not be in this book, given that it takes place some 4,000 years before Natty came around. So, we’ll see! I should probably start a savings fund so I can buy the book when it comes out. XDDD Oh, poverty-that’s-a-result-of-not-prioritizing-money-over-education!

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