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Along the Same Vein

So, to offer an update on the subject in “Synthesis,” I’ll say that I’m still very much enjoying and benefiting from that newfound purpose of creating my unique characters through legitimate techniques I learned in school. I’ve done a few pictures in that style. I’m definitely not sick of doing things this way, either. I feel like there’s a lot more to explore and communicate.


I followed my usual style of doing things up until the ink wash. Also, I used a brush and ink well rather than a pen for the lines, giving them more character. Then, I took a risk and decided to add a second color and made the umbrella red. Then I was trying to figure out how to help Andrew, Micah and Danny from being lost in the grayness that they sat on. So after testing it on the digital copy, I took a risk and made that pink wash in the background. It also helped to distinguish what I was doing in the bottom portion. I think this turned out really nicely. (:



This was a product of boredom at 10:30 at night, with some help from my cat Hoshi, who was very determined to eat the conte crayons I was using on this. For this I had in mind a piece I did in a similar setting with Andrew from when I was in high school. But I way simplified things; my goal in its predecessor was to make the image as cluttered and busy as I could. This one ended up with that epic focal point with the book after I decided to leave the window area starkly white. Since that was a decision made late in the piece, the light source shading on Andrew is a little questionable and inconsistent. But this was also practice on creating a face without making every tiny detailed line: more of an idea of the face, rather than a completed face.


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