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art is still my solace

I was going to do some pretty girl, but I made some awesome monster woman instead. My pieces are usually pretty static so this movement is like HELL YES.

I wanted to see if I could do one of those old fashioned indulgent cute pictures of Micah with a more technical media. Then when I closed my sketchbook half the charcoal got ground into the opposite page. So it’s sort of monochromatic.


I started with a basic picture and then I didn’t like it so I smeared it out and added the main figure over him, and then worked really hard to get the shading smooth, but then I wanted to add texture.

So, in conjunction with boredom, I’ve been processing a lot of life changes and it’s left me with a lot of moments of nervous idleness. When I’ve got nervous energy and nothing else to do is when I pick up my sketchbook and explore. The results of that the past week have been really good. It’s followed my whole attempt to synthesize technique with expression. It’s definitely been a relief to me to be able to get into drawing. I’m really glad to feel like that hasn’t changed.

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  1. I like the hawk woman – the energy is palpable. I like “Myoku In Red”, too — especially the look on his face; but I LIKE the smooth texture of his clothing and the roughness of the background…

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