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sketchbook paper is GRAINY


What has it been, like, three months since I’ve done a substantial blog entry? Okay, well, given I had just enough energy to get these pictures on my computer, it might not be literally substantial…but I’ve done some work! Also, pretty exciting and validating is that I got two pieces into Murphy Square and two into the All-Student Juried Art Show. Granted, last year I was way flippant about them and so I submitted shitty pieces to both…but still, it’s not like I was guaranteed getting in this year! My stupid umbrella made it into both. I wish I felt more connected to it! It was literally one of my brain storms. “Wow, I have a lot of feelings and a lot of time right now…I’m going to use water color. And I love my watercolor pen right now. Hey, I’m really into umbrellas…” But I knew right after I did it that it would be a likable piece, and so it is.

Anyway, I’ve had some extra time on my hands (sigh) lately (or else I’ve been avoiding homework…really successfully), and I just finished all six seasons of the new launch of Doctor Who (won’t say anything here — just look at my Tumblr), and so what do I do in interim times of my creative life but pick up Redefining Evil. I finally got about to totally rewriting Lucas’ death scene because it’s pretty much driven me crazy since I first novelized it (beaches and funny jokes are much better in pictures and much more difficult to pull off in writing). I changed it from a beach to the forest outside the police headquarters castle and put it in the middle of the winter. Much easier to draw meaningful things from the scenery in that case. It didn’t end up any shorter though, so I guess somehow I still had things to say in there.

So what do I always do when I write about Lucas but draw a ton of doodles with him and Danyil. I mean duh. But the one I did tonight turned out really nicely.

Also, lately I’ve been feeling drawn to contouring — it’s always been a really expressive technique for me. So following that Lucas and Danny piece, I contoured Lucas’ face. I scanned it in and then had this brainfart when I realized that digital contouring might be a REALLY good way to draw some sophisticated complexity out of my digital work. Because my problem with digital lines has always been that they suck the life out of my image. There’s really no way to kill contours because they can’t help but burst with energy. So…ta-da! A new method to mess around with for the next few weeks! And now, images.





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