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Procrastination is Surprisingly Productive

On Mondays I don’t have class till 4, and given that I pushed myself out of my room and into activity every time I sat around for longer than 30 minutes over the weekend, I gave myself permission to bum around in my sweat pants on Monday till I need to leave.

Anyway, I’m 50,000 words into the novel adaptation of The Cadence of a Restless Heart (I KNOW what the hell am I doing with my life), and I’ve tended to get stuck in corners and it takes a few days of bumming around staring at my words before I pull myself forward in the story. That’s what I’ve been doing today but God this story’s so visual so I’ve been doodling people from it all day long. Especially Jonas, because I just wrote a big chunk from his perspective and I just think he’s the cutest darned things second to puppies. Well, that’s not true, I was drawing a lot of Cadence too because I just wrote her first scene, just like I drew Solaris last week right before I wrote him for the first time. Sigh, I just can’t separate drawing and writing and I doubt I ever will. Just still searching for a way to bring them back together again.

Sketch dump…and go!

D’awww, so I was trying to think of how to drive the scene when Cadence wakes up and I figured HEY it always helps when you MAKE PEOPLE CRY, so sorry Katherine you got the short end of this one
dammit women
Katherine put your butt away

ugh i don’t want to talk about this one

Okay but this is pretty cool and I just made it because Jonas is struggling with caring more about the magicians than his mom
wow what a punk huh
anyway HE’S COO
and I like doing weird color palettes these days

Eh who cares, Syracrus your hair’s too big..

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