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Falling into the Sun

I, like, figuratively, never, ever, ever come up with good story titles BUT I DID
And the idea sprang forth like RE, in that it would be based on the idea of …WtR, but a new story, about CADENCE AND SOLARIS
They have always, always fascinated me because they sort of drive the whole story…Cadence is angry at the world ’cause she’s stuck forever as the Sidereal Ambassador which is sort of why she ends up screwing with everybody. Anyway the reason she IS stuck as the Sidereal Ambassador is because of Solaris, but he still loves her but she won’t forgive him and for some reason I really like that.
Anyway I started thinking about how the two of them got into that situation — I wrote a tiny blip about Cadence’s past and realized her and Solaris meeting, falling for each other, and subsequently falling to ruins, would make a really interesting novel. It’s got the romance in it but when Cadence meets Solaris, he’s a Night Magician/Sun King so he’s CRAZY POWER HUNGRY, and Cadence sort of is too, hungry and proud, which is why she’s attracted to him…but then he kills the former Sidereal Ambassador and then WOOP go Cadence! And that would be the ending, and it’s a horrible ending but it’s STRONG
Hmm, spoilers?
Anyway I wanted to doodle because I was just sort of staring at TCoaRH and not writing anything, so I ended up with this sketch of Cadence and Solaris which totally sums of what their relationship would have even begun like. I like the idea of writing a pretty but kind of crazy woman, so I’d probably write it from Cadence’s perspective…then again, in a story about a man and a woman you tend to get the woman’s side, so maybe Solaris might be cool. That way I’d avoid the whole “la la la, I’m a pretty girl living a normal life OH MY GOD IT’S A SMOKING HOT MAN HE’S THE SUN KING HE’S BAD I’M SO ATTRACTED TO HIM WHAT’S HIS WORLD LIKE” But first person. Definitely feeling first person. Yeah I guess Solaris would tell that well. For some reason I just thought of The Great Gatsby. Who’s that crazy lady Gats is in love with. Okay well that just made me think of Brett from The Sun Also Rises. Both good models for Cay Cay.
Also, I was just debating over the time period to set this in — I was hesitant to stick with Cadence’s 1500s roots because…well that sounds boring. But then I argued, “But for Solaris to really totally shatter the expectations she has for her life, she should have totally been looking for a traditional future as housewife by 20yrs old.” So then I decided a lot of people do still have that mentality, and that was really common to find in southern MN in the country, where the communities are smaller and stabler. So if – GASP – I set FitS in the contemporary countryside, it would change things, and give Sol more freedom to introduce Cay into the underbelly of modern living…and Element Kings.
Oh and then countryside girl made me sing, I want adventure in the great wide somewhere, I want it more than I can bear…and for once it might be grand, to have someone…understand.

after discussing body language with Margaret I decided I ought to do better.
So NOW, check out Cay’s resistance
and I put her into a skankier dress, yeahhh
Well because I did the one before with my limited/nonexistent knowledge of 16th century fashion
Which then led me to change it to contemporary
Hence skanky dress
She’s all like WHOA tiger, look but don’t touch and god how I love when you look.

I wrote half an opening scene for this. I think I’m going to alternate between the end and the beginning of the story, and as suggested by Margaret tell it from Cay AND Solaris’s 1st person POVs.

Also, I decided Cay is going to meet Sol through her dad, who works with Night Magicians, which is interesting because essentially this will be a pair of bad guys that’s forced to go good. WOOO

4 thoughts on “Falling into the Sun”

  1. This sounds really cool. Not knowing anything about these characters, the body language they’re using in the picture makes it seem like Solaris is controlling her. And her posture and lack of eye contact look like she’s either resisting or…I dunno, really obedient, like a soldier. Haha this is why I don’t analyse art. The only contribution I have is that I’m really into multiple POV right now, but maybe you’re sick of that from RE still. Good luck!

    1. Haha, now that you say that, I find I’m having trouble communicating what I was trying to communicate in her. She’s definitely in control of herself, probably too much, like she’s one of those gorgeous women whose man fawns over them while they sit there picking at their nails.

      1. Ah sorry, I suck. It’s just that holding someone near their neck seems more controlling than doting to me. o.O But I do like the piece.

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