I feel so much like myself when I spend 4 hours working on a drawing rather than writing essays around finals! Actually, I only have ONE more essay of my undergraduate career, and then a small assignment that accompanies my last-ever final exam, which isn’t until Wednesday. I guess that’s why it’s great that I did something so typically me as in busying myself with creative works instead of homework.

But this piece was really fun, fun and simple. It’s refreshing after so long working on layered, crazy traditional pieces to just focus on a crisp character set. And Micah and Ingrid are always so great. I have a crush on both of them separately. Margaret said their poses are really natural, which with digital work is something I always struggle. I wanted to do more with the background but I really should finish this for now so I don’t have it as an excuse to avoid finishing up my essay anymore.

Okay but
here’s my digital art from 2010


I can’t even…


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