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Not the Expected Direction

So, about two days ago I FINALLY finished my third complete rewrite of the middle portion of “Sun-Walking” that I’m calling “Wind-Running.” I first started this “sequel” in June of 2011. I don’t think it took me long and then I rushed right onto the last installment, “Sky-Dancing,” and then suddenly for some reason I’ve now forgotten halted with only about a quarter of the whole story left to write. That has never, since then, stopped bothering me. So I gave “Wind-Running” a second go and then stalled again. For most of my time in NZ I focused on “Cadence” and this last semester at school, when I set that aside in favor of…you know, my education, I kept poking at “Sun-Walking” trying to figure out what the hell was going wrong with it. I really didn’t want to give up on this story because the premise was so solid and I really believed in Lucienne and the journey I was sending her through. So FINALLY, after toiling over it since school ended, I finished a version of “Wind-Running” which accomplishes what it needed to and also felt very natural and believable as compared to the last drafts. I got so into Lucienne’s voice that when I had to switch back to third-person I was repeatedly writing whole paragraphs in first-person before realizing I’d switched. It was awful but I’m keeping both voices because “Wind-Running” needs to be told intimately but the rest of the story benefits from the added drama of third-person.

Anyway, when I finished school I was totally expecting to plunge back into “Cadence” instead, but after fussing and fussing over one single page I realized that the sort of meticulous tedium required by graphic novels isn’t really the kind of art that I enjoy right now. I mean I prefer getting paint or ink all over my hands, and seeing what comes of a few surprise lines. So I consciously set “Cadence” down and picked up “Sun-Walking” and I’m so glad I have. So here’s a TON of pictures I’ve done over the last few weeks.

Did this when I was starting off on “Wind-Running” because Anita’s kind of sexy. But Lucienne looks really good in this picture.

I’ve been trying to get better at using real paints (I don’t even use watercolor like paint, I use it like ink…or else I use ink like paint) and so I covered a bad attempt with yellow and then realized I was itching to paint Lucienne. Dad says she looks like Wonder Woman and I think it’s because of her dramatic hairline and the use of bright red. Not sure how I feel about it, but it is super strong and I’m glad I took a risk and added blue.

I think I did this quick sketch back in February or March.

Did this last week. Lee looking dashing. Still didn’t get his face narrow enough but still I’m kinda pleased to have gotten him down. I focus so much on Lucy.

I have no idea why this doesn’t look like her. I really like it — I just did it today — but I think it’s her chin that’s masculine. I’m easing into the part where Lucy chops her hair off before she goes back to Helios so I wanted to do her short hair.

I haven’t finished this because I kind of lost steam on it for whatever reason. But those hands are nggh.

This is kind of a weird piece and I don’t like her body. It was supposed to be really flowy and bright but it’s mostly just clunky and smudgy.


I’m totally gonna clean this up and color it. Solveig is so cute when she’s this size. And then she gets huge.

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