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bubble gum bang


SOOO this happened.

It’s been a great, creative weekend for the first time in what feels like forever! I have totally earned it after such a long and exhausting week. I mean, yes, I have managed to make some pictures – but today I got lost in the pictures. I spent the day with a picture for my grandma and I’m not positive if I’ll like it long-term, however I’m sure my grandmother will, and it was still good practice trying to simplify features into recognizable people. I’m not gonna put it up here at this stage mostly because my .jpg version is in my flash drive, which in my coat, which is far away from my warm bed.

Then tonight I crawled into bed with my tablet, also for the first time in forever, and I opened up a new image and I was like “hm…what color should I work with? PINK.”

And then all of a sudden I had this anthemic lady popping out in all these great feminine colors, and she’s all AYY BACK OFF, I’M PRETTY

oh and it’s dedicated to Margaret for her unwanted logic (: <3 also, my 2014 resolution: SIGN MY WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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